Karen Eisenbrey

Karen Eisenbrey lives in Seattle, WA, where she leads a quiet, orderly life and invents stories to make up for it. Karen writes fantasy and science fiction novels, as well as short fiction in a variety of genres and the occasional poem or song if it insists. She is the author of Daughter of Magic, Wizard Girl, The Gospel According to St. Rage, and Barbara and the Rage Brigade. She blogs about band names at https://kareneisenbreywriter.com/blog/ She shares her life with her husband, two young adult sons, and two mature adult cats.

Panel: Writing YA in a World of Identity, Sexuality, and Violence: How Much Is Too Much? – Michaela Thorn, Debby Dodds, Karen Eisenbrey, Kate Ristau, and Benjamin Gorman December 19 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm PST

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Note: The above link is to Book Number 2 of her Rage series. Karen would prefer it if you bought all of her books at local bookstores, so find the rest through IndieBound as well!

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