Heather S. Ransom

Life as a middle school science and careers teacher for twenty-seven years has allowed Heather S. Ransom, author of the Going Green trilogy, an intimate look into the minds of thousands of young adults, most of whom are desperate to find their place in a society constantly changing around them.  Many have found escape, ideas for facing challenges, or simply hope for a future where they can make a difference, through reading.  So every year, even though she’s teaching science and leadership classes, Heather has her students read.  And they imagine together what their futures might hold, telling stories about advances in technology that could change their world. When not teaching or writing, Heather enjoys spending time with the man of her dreams, Marv, and their two absolutely amazing adult kids, Danielle and Marvin.  Living in Grants Pass, Oregon, affords her the luxury of ample opportunities in the amazing outdoors, as well as helping out at their local businesses, a pizza pub and cigar shop.  

Panel: The Year of Publishing Women – Sang Kromah, LeeAnn McLennan, Mikko Azul, Heather S. Ransom, and Benjamin Gorman December 20 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm PST

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